DIY: Beer Brewing Made Easy

Beer Brewing Made EasyHome brew beer has a taste which is better than others, there’s just nothing that can compare. What is more, homemade beer could be a fascinating hobby. Therefore, when you are itching to get started, you have to follow these beer brewing instructions.

This beer brewing made easy guide is so easy to follow. Prior to starting, you need to gather brewing beer recipes, brewing beer equipment and supplies. You don’t have to worry as these supplies are easy to find and don’t cost you a lot. Brewing supplies could be found at any local stores that sells them or over the net.

Brewing Beer Equipment and Supplies Needed.

• Pot for Brewing
• Plastic Hose
• Bucket for Bottling
• Fermenting Device
• Airlock and Stopper
• Scapper as well as Bottle Brush
• Small Bowl
• Stick on Type Thermometer
• Saucepan
• Small Bowl
• Spatula and Oven Mitts
• Mixing Spoons (it is advisable to use wooden spoons)

Step by Step Process of Making Homemade Beer

• For starters, home brew kits are the most excellent choice. These brew kits have each tool you want to get started such as concentrated hop malt and yeast. On the other hand, you will need to buy fermentables which add exceptional flavors to your homemade beer. This does not mean you cannot buy your ingredients individually, but kits are the most excellent way to get all of your needed equipment and supplies.

• Once you purchase your supplies, you should sanitize them. Don’t neglect this vital step. First, wash your brewing supplies in hot water and sanitize them using a chlorine or iodine, which could be purchased in all home brew kits.

• When sanitizing is completed, start making home brew beer. To start you brewing beer process, add two quarts of water into the brew pot. Heat the water until it reaches 180 degree Fahrenheit; remove the brewing pot from the fire. If you do this, you can add your ingredients and fermentables from your brewing kit. Ensure to follow all of the instructions.

• Next step in DIY beer is stirring the water or mixture of ingredients until it dissolves, placing the lid over the brewing pot, and leave it on low heat for about twenty minutes. Then after twenty minutes, place four gallons of water in to the fermenter and put in the wort mix. In order to oxygenate the mixture, stir it for about four minutes, then put the yeast if the worst mixture has cool down.

• Let the wort in the beer ferment, this is five day process. During this period, keep on checking the temperature, it requires 65 degree Fahrenheit and kept in a dark room of your home. If you some bubbles, it shows that it is fermenting.

• On the last day of fermenting process, check your beer. It may take more days, however if the air bubbles gone, you can now transfer your beer to the bottle. You have to be patient in fermenting process, to get the best result you want.

• Prior to bottling you homemade beer, you have to make your first solution that is what gives your homemade beer its carbonation. Therefore, place in 2 cups of water together with ¾ cup of dextrose, then boil in low heat and let it cool for an hour. Afterwards, you can now transfer your homemade beer in your bottling bucket.

• Once in the bottling bucket, the hose requires to be attached to the spigot of the fermenter. The hose opposite end must be put in the bucket. Upon opening the fermenter’s spigot, your beer can be transferred to the bottling bucket. Once you complete this process, remove the hose and wash it, then throw away the fermenter. If you fill your bottling bucket, leave about one inch of space at the top of the bottle. Then seal it tightly, there must be no leaks.

• Beer brewing made easy process isn’t over yet. The bottled homemade beer needs to be fermented for a second time around in a cool and dark room. Your refrigerator will not work due to the fact that the temperature is too cold and will affect the fermenting process. When you have a basement, store the beer inside. After 3 weeks of fermenting, you will finally be able to taste and enjoy your homemade beer.

If you are interested in making your own beer right at the comfort of your home, it is very much important to accurately follow this guide. Beer making process is complicated; however, it could also be fun as well as exciting and great learning experience.